Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laurel Highlands it is.

For some reason the thought of 40 miles at Highlands Sky next weekend seemed like too much too soon, so I opted for 70 miles at Laurel Highlands this weekend. Seems like a logical choice, no? Both are supposed to be beautiful races. I've been told that Laurel Highlands has some nice ferny patches. I'm a sucker for ferns and forest gnomes.

On another note, I survived my first bike ride. I got the bike home, and then was petrified to head out for a ride for fear of tipping over. After an hour of psyching myself up, I ventured out. The clipless pedals were a cinch. Can't wait to get out again.... maybe for a little recovery ride on Sunday.


olga said...

A VERY logical choice, indeed. Have fun!

Kiry said...

You will not be sorry! If you're not feeling racy, just enjoy the journey - it's the best trail I've seen to do just that. Have fun and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Amy: Wondering if you'll blog the LHU. I was near you early on - took a pic in rocks for perspective, but your face is obscured. It was my first real* ultra and I'd love some perspective from someone experienced now that I've done one. You rocked! My wife and sister crewed me and were astounded by you.
* I call my two road 50Ks the sippy cups of ultras.
Dan Nephin