Saturday, October 31, 2009

7 mm tear.

I finally got an MRI this week, which is what I've wanted since about April, when the tendon that runs up the inner side of my left ankle started screaming every time I stepped on a rock.  I finally got into a foot/ankle orthopedist (which in itself was no easy feat), and he referred me for an MRI after I pleaded.  The results were sent to both my orthopedist--who I won't see until next Friday--and my ART guy (who is a chiropractor).  My ART guy called me on Friday to tell me that the results indicate I've got a 7 mm tear right below where the tendon makes a turn around that little knobby inner ankle bone.  It doesn't sound like much, a 7 mm tear, but I'm dreading what my orthopedist has to tell me on Friday.  It's in a spot where the tendon isn't that thick, so 7 mm is maybe 30-40% of the tendon.  And my ART guy, guessed that they might recommend surgery if I want it to ever actually heal enough to run without pain and without further damage.  Argh.  But here's to hoping he doesn't know what he's talking about, and that the orthopedist just recommends a supportive orthotic and encourages me to start running 80 mile weeks again.  Dare to dream.

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