Monday, May 16, 2011

Comrades Marathon and The Starfish Greathearts Foundation

I am super excited to be running Comrades in 2 short weeks--20,000 runners and incredible crowd support in a setting that will be like no other ultra I will ever run. It was a last minute addition to my schedule after I figured out (or a friend pointed out) that I would be in Africa for work around the time of Comrades.  Obviously Africa is a large place and my work is nowhere near Durban, South Africa where the race starts, but the fact that I was even going to be on the same continent when it was happening--I knew that I needed to try to run it.  Luckily, the stars aligned, I figured out the logistics, and then re-figured the logistics when work dates changed, and it is going to happen.  I'll be in Kenya for a week for a conference, then will fly to Durban for a "long" weekend (10 p.m. Friday night through 7 a.m. Monday morning--race is on Sunday) and then head to Juba, South Sudan for 2 more weeks of work.  I'll get home from Juba 2 weeks from Western States.  My plan is to land in PDX at 10 a.m. Saturday morning after 28+ hours of travel, and cram in 2 last long runs before starting a shortened version of a taper.  Good times!  Have I mentioned how much I love traveling for work?  Seriously though, I can't complain.  Sudan is going to be a fascinating adventure, as well--let's just hope I can find a treadmill.  I have yet to not find one...

Anyhow, now that the logistics have all been worked out--flights booked, hotels reserved, entry confirmed, and calf injury behind me, I'm finally confident that Comrades is really going to happen.

And to my loyal blog readers I'd like to request that you visit the following link and consider donating to the Starfish Greathearts Foundation that works with children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.  It's a great cause, and I hope that with the support of family and friends, I'll be able to give a small amount back to the communities that surround and support the Comrades Marathon.  While I sometimes do complain about work travel, I'm also incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I have, and the chance to see and experience the all of the amazing diversity and contrasts that exist around the world and work with communities that are far less fortunate.  And in the hopes of making a difference where it's most needed, I ask you to give a little if you can.

A link to my fundraising page is found here.  Thanks!

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Melissa Schweisguth said...

Way to go building support for such a critical need through Comrades. This post gave me the kick in the shorts I needed to get out on my run yesterday when I was preoccupied and unmotivated. This reminded me how fortunate I am to have the means and the health to run just to enjoy the experience, and how important it is to share what life has given me where it could really make a difference. Here's to a great run and fundraising!