Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some thoughts on WS

Not a race report, just a link to a recent podcast Yassine and I did with 3Non-Joggers on our Western States experiences.

Where the Magic happens:  Mailman One.  If you click on the image, it might just take you to the 3Non-Jogger page,  but if not, click here.
I will write something up eventually, but some races are harder to write about than others. Sadly, the day was not as effortless as I look in this picture (taken by Luis Escobar the day before WS).  All in all, not a complete train wreck.  8th female in 19:11, which means a guaranteed spot for next year, so I get to try it all again next June.  And for that, I'm very fortunate.


Michael Smith said...

Enjoyed hearing your thoughts about WS100 on 3nonjoggers. Thank you for sharing them!

Chris said...

That is a really cool photo of you running down the winding road toward the mountains! Frame it! :)

cost per head said...

I will listen to that podcast. It sounds interesting and by the way you look great in the picture. It looks like an running shoes ad.

Shyam Das said...

Nice post, thanks for share