Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures from a typical weekend in Oregon.

Weekends tend to exhaust me, and I deserved to suffer a bit today, after a fun, action-packed weekend exploring Oregon.  Saturday started off with a snowy run up Eagle Creek with a rotating group of friends.  People just kept showing up, and the run got better and better.  Even more so once we escaped snowy Eagle Creek, and discovered what is now my favorite Gorge waterfall, Wahclella Falls. Saturday's run was followed by Sunday's snowshoeing excursion near Sisters, at Upper Three Creeks Sno Park. 10 hours of activity over the weekend should always be topped off by good beer and conversation (we won't get into my theory on the directional flow of rivers here....) at a local brewery, which we accomplished at Three Creeks Brewery. Continue right into the week with a 5:45 a.m. Monday morning run with Ronda in Forest Park, and it makes for a groggy Monday. Here are a few photos from the weekend's outings: 

Tunnel Falls.  Always a favorite.  This time a bit slicker than normal with a new little rockslide (to the right) and some ice (the trail ventures behind the falls).
En route back to the car we ran into Chris, Darla and Maeve.  They helped turn what might have ended up as a 13-miler back at the car, into a 23 miler and the discovery of my new favorite spot in the Gorge.
The canyon leading up to my new favorite falls: Wahclella Falls.  The falls are located one mile off of the 400 Connector Trail, 3 miles west of the Eagle Creek parking lot.  I don't run the 400 much, but the section near Eagle Creek is much nicer than the sections I've run near Multnomah, and worthy of further exploration.....
The picture doesn't do it justice, but this is Wahclella Falls. The canyon leading up to it is an awesome little canyon with great diversity in falls, great light and lots of brilliant greens.  A pleasant surprise on our little out-and-back from Eagle Creek to add on some miles.
The snowshoeing gang.  Me, Sean and Justin.  It took us about 4 1/2 hours to cover a 12 miles.  Ugh.  It only felt like a couple of hours though--fun times!  Another bluebird day snowshoeing near Sisters.

Help!  I'm being attacked by a giant flying hairball. 
Oregon Team Montrail posing with our matching Dion snowshoes.  They rock!  
Check out those shades!  This is what happens when you forget to bring along an appropriate pair, yet are fortunate enough to store a lot of crap in your car. You'd be amazed what you can find in Bridget (my car), including these classy shades.  These will definitely see action in an ultra, soon.  

And the best part of the day---Marionberry pie from Sisters Bakery.  Yum!  (Snowshoeing pictures were taken by Justin, for the most part.)  


RunSueRun said...

Hey Amy, 4.5 hrs. for 12 miles on snowshoes is actually pretty good time if you're breaking trail!

Love the shades - very SoCal.


All the best,

Ronda said...

Ok, the pics had me laughing my head off. Love the hair ball and the shades suit you. Most of all I liked seeing the sun in your photos because it reminded me it still does exist. Great weekend Amy.

Olga said...

These used to be MY pictures! Not fair! Great weekend, Amy:)

ultrarunnergirl said...

SO JEALOUS. Gorgeous photos and fun activities. No wonder you left us all alone on the Ice Coast. Thanks for the report!

Hostpph said...

It looks like an amazing place. Specially for the river. I hope that you can fish there.