Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Year in Bad Self Potraits: 2012

My favorite post of the year, and why so many people who ran/traveled with me this year were subjected to either participating in or witnessing my acts of self photography. It all stems back to my friend, Marjon, who is the queen of self portraits, and my attempts at attaining her level of expertise.  This is the 2nd annual version of "The Year in Bad Self Portraits" and I think I still have a ways to go, so the self portraits will likely continue into 2013. And I had a hard time picking and choosing, so there are a lot of them.  Going through the year in photos reminded me what a great year 2012 was--I got to see a lot of the world, spend quality time with great friends and family, and spend a lot of time doing what I love.

The view from our hostel in Italy during the World Championships.  Italy was definitely one of the highlights of the year. There's really nothing that can compare to donning the USA jersey and bunhuggers once a year and representing. And this year will be one that I will never forget. World champions!  And world champion--I still can't really believe that actually happened.
Running in Sedona with Ian and Meghan.
Portland girl goes to Arizona. Holy heat.  Mid-run in Sedona.
Portland girl lets Meghan convince her that running in 110 degree heat is a good idea. Badwater = never.
Sister and I at Western States.  Fun times. Can you tell we're related?
Ellie and I en route to a photo shoot the day before WS.  

A work conference in DC allowed for a weekend of getting back on some favorite east coast trails in the vicinity of Buck Hollow in the Shenendoahs.  Home trails...
A favorite workout of the year: downhill hill repeats at Willamette Ski Pass in an attempt to trash my quads one final time before UTMB. This was an attempt at making it look like I wasn't taking the picture. Artsy, no?

And just to show I do more then run, my good friend Liz and I at a summer wedding.

Enjoying post-run food with friends after our UTMB/CCC/TDS adventures.

Wind swept on top of Mt. Blanc. Looking forward to a return in 2013, if the lottery gods are good to me.
Meghan and I enjoying some cold sunshine and views of Mt. Blanc.
The first tour around Mt. Hood. Early September and the wildflowers were all in full bloom yet. It was gorgeous.
Ellie and I on the aptly named Gnarl Ridge side of Hood. Twas a bit windy and nippy. My second circumnavigation of Mt. Hood of the season.  40-42 miles depending on route finding. An epic loop not to be missed if you find yourself in the area at the right time (fairly short window to do this one between end of July and the first snowfall).
The Hood crew: Stephanie, Max, Zach, me, Mike and Ellie.  That is one fast crew touring the mountain.
Mom, me and Dad enjoying some blue skies and a big blue lake at Crater Lake this fall.
Mom is threatening to push me into the lake if I took another self potrait.  
Just one more!

Trail Factor friends running on the Salmon River Trail. Another day, another beautiful trail in the PNW with great friends.

Running up in the hills/mountains around Sulaymaniyah, Iraq in December.  A memorable run.

  Snowshoeing over New Years.  Happy New Year!