Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orcas Island 50K: a half-ass effort

I went into Orcas not having any expectations. I thought I could have a solid run, or I could be tired, but didn't think at all about goals or strategy. The gun went off and I set out with the intention to run hard, but about a mile into it on Saturday, I pulled back for reasons that are kind of hard to explain. I just had zero desire to have a stressful day, and opted for a long hard effort rather than race.  It took me about a third of the race to really get out of my "I would rather extract my toenails than race today" funk as I trudged up hills I would typically run in training, but really did enjoy most of the middle miles and end. Sometimes I worry too much about what others around me are doing, and would be better suited to escape into my own head and pretend I'm alone out there. If nothing else, it was a good training run, and a good early-season reminder of the voices in my head that need to be silenced. Confidence is key, and some days I have none.
The top of the last big climb: Mt. Constitution. Photo by Glenn Tachiyama.
Orcas is a beautiful course, and we were given a beautiful day to run--sun in the San Juans in February, with amazing old growth forest and views.  One thing you can always be guaranteed in a Rainshadow Running Event is that there will be no shortage of steep long climbs. James definitely delivered on a great course, with a really enjoyable post-race party. Great music, great food, great friends. I'll work on getting my head out of my ass for the next race, or rather, maybe inserting my head into my ass to focus on my efforts and not external things I can't control. And really, how can someone complain about a day on trail with views like these?
Views from Orcas.  Photo by Glenn


Unknown said...

Wow, that looks absolutely beautiful. If you were going slower, at least you got to enjoy the sights longer. Lucky girl :)

ultrarunnergirl said...

Some races weren't meant to be raced. Glad you went with your gut; racing when your heart isn't in it is a pretty good way to have a miserable day out there, and that would have been a real shame.

annette bednosky said...

Dear Amy...I soo get it!
We are fabulously hardworking professionals in a world away from our sport. If we want to keep our jobs and not hurt those who depend on us, sometimes as professionals or, I'd often, I'd expect as parents we need to go "there" (as I regularly do w/o apology). I think if we as humans give 100% of love and care to all races and all our amazing human supporters...we are being greedy. I celebrate your ability to feel less than great or to be in a funk. Your authenticness with drive you to continue to ther person you really are!

James Brennan said...

you are pretty cool in my book. you could be stuck in dc you got that going for you (; great pics and great running. I always look out for your name in race reports!

Hostpph said...

You are right it is a stunning view. I would love to go there. I really like that kind of places.

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