Monday, March 23, 2009

Back home again....

After a little over 5 months in El Salvador, I'm back in the states. While I'm glad to be home, I had a great time in El Salvador and will miss the friends I made here, and many things about El Salvador. But, I must say, I'm glad to be home to my 'regular life', running in Rock Creek and the Massanuttens with friends, and enjoying spring in DC. I had the opportunity to travel around a bit during my time in El Salvador, and I hope to go back someday soon to explore some more. Some photo highlights from the last 5 months:
The view from a run up to Boqueron, one of the volcanoes surrounding San Salvador. Beautiful views. A fun run, and uphill for 15 miles.

A truck 'parked' on the side of the stree in Apaneca, El Salvador. A sleepy little town on the 'Ruta de las Flores.' Wonder how long this truck has been 'parked' there?
And we in the US insist on car seats for kids up to how many pounds now? It was a hot afternoon; definitely not the most pleasant of rides.

I was there for 2 big elections. The left won over the presidency in the recent presidential elections. Will be interesting to see what that means for El Salvador.
The view from the barge on the ride to Isla Ometepe. Site of the 1st Fuego y Agua (F y A) 100k and 50k Ultramaratones. What an adventure!!

Another shot from F y A. The view on the climb up Volcan Maderas.
Also from F y A, from the top of Volcan Maderas. An inactive volcano, crater lake is often clouded over and rainy. We were fortunate to have great views and sunny skies.

Again, F y A, a view of Volcan Concepcion from the road.

The view from half-way up Volcan Concepcion during F y A. I dropped my camera on trail soon after this shot and luckily the next guy picked it up for me.
From a day-trip to Cayos Cochinos, Honduras with J-Leh and Tonia.

Not a bad spot to stop off for lunch, unless you don't eat fish.

A day trip to Cayos Cochinos in Honduras (a group of small islands close to La Ceiba).
While the rest of the group opted for snorkeling, J-leh and Tonia and I opted for coffee.
River rafting in the mountians near La Ceiba. This day of rafting had its consequences....
Not us, although we'd gone down this run earlier in the day.
My rafting guide trying to convince me to jump. I did, but it took me a while.
The mountains were beautiful, and the forests intact.

J-Leh and I enjoyed a nice hike in the woods, even though we never did find the giant waterfall.
And glamour shots from the suspension bridge....

J-leh and I spent a few days in Roatan, Honduras between Christmas and New Years, and went diving for the first time since living in Chuuk. It was great to get back under the water, and I hope to plan another diving trip soon.
I dove for the first time in 5 years, and J-leh dove for the first time ever!
The ruins in Copan, Honduras.

Another photo from Copan.

The view from Cerro Verdo of Izalco, a volcano I climbed with my running friends. It was a fun day with good friends.

A partial group shot from the top. Jose Alberto, me, David, Gloria, Juan Pablo and Luiz. I'll miss you guys!

One of the few touristy colonial towns in El Salvador, a view of the cathedral in Suchitoto.
We ran to the beach several times--one of my favorite runs, 20 miles and much of it downhill. This wasn't actually one of those Saturdays, but this was a trip to the beach after my last Saturday long run in the mountains around El Salvador.
The group, after one of those weekend runs to the beach.

I'm happy to be back in DC again, but I will miss many things about El Salvador, especially my early morning running buddies. I won't miss setting my alarm for 3:30 for early Friday morning runs though! Well, actually, I guess I will. Thanks to my dear friends--come and visit me in DC!!


Olga said...

Amy, this is such an adventure that will never be forgotten, and makes all of us here jealous! I don't think I would do half of what you did (think "jump off this cliff"), but then, who knows, when it's once in a life time opportunity...Welcome back!

Steve Pero said...

Welcome back, Amy! See you at Massanutten!


steetoa said...

Great photos, Amy! I know it wasn't like being home for 5 months, but not a bad place to be based on the photos you took!

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